Yoke Wall Planter


Antique Bronze
Angora White
Beech Brown
Balsam Green
Grey Lilac
Provincial Blue
Rosewood Red
Seaport Blue


Product Information

Yoke is one of the newest additions to our wall mounted plant holders. Yoke comes in a wide variety of rich colours to compliment any home and décor. Mount them easily on your wall using a screw or nail, depending on the type of wall, and hang these floral ceramic vases from the hole in the back.   Use one on a smaller wall or create your own design using three or six to add drama and make your guests think you are an interior designer!

Yoke can be used as wall mounted plant holders by filling them with air plants or even succulents, or Yoke can be used as floral ceramic vases, filled with a beautiful bouquet of your favourite flowers. These are the perfect pet friendly floral ceramic vases as well, because they keep your elegant arrangements out of your pet’s reach! Change things up by filling them with flowers one week and filling them with air plants the next.

They are beautiful with a wide range of plants and flowers. If you are using them as wall mounted plant holders try our favourite Tillandsia or use them a a floral ceramic vase.

The Yoke Planter is 3.5" long, 8" wide x 8" tall.

Flowers and Plants we Love in this Planter: Harrisii, Cyanea, Caulescens, Parrot Tulips Gerber Daisy, Agapanthus, Cymbidium Orchids, Bird of Paradise

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