Svek Cube - Kits 1 & 2




Product Information

The Svek Cubes are floral ceramic vases in a dainty and bold style at the same time. Pulling from the 2015 line up of Pantone amazingness, the colours of this line are unlike any you've seen before. They are warm and rich and yet still subtle. If you’re looking for a white ceramic bud vase or basically any colour for that matter, we’ve probably got it in one of the sixteen versions in this range!

Choose from Black, Absinthe Green, Blue Grey, Cobalt, Coral, Dewberry, Green Grey, Gold, Mustard Green, Pea Green, Smoke Green (all the greens), Silver, Sky Blue, Tan, Yellow and of course the timeless White ceramic bud vase as classic. What we love even more about these floral ceramic vases are the organic and soft lips of the mouth openings. Floral arranging is as easy as ever with these cubes. Pop in a couple stems of Hydrangea, or one single rose cutting, or use it along with a floral frog and create a vertical arrangement with a bunch of stems. It is also adorable to use as a succulent and air plant container!

Svek measures 2.5" in height & diameter

Flower We Love in this Vase: Muscari, Freesia, Tulips, Crassula, Veluntina

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