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Product Information

Svart is one of many favourites from the Chive collections. Made of thick and heavy hand blown glass, it’s the perfect compliment to Vit to give you that black and white vase combo you know you’ve been missing.

It’s hard to do a large vase right, you’d be expecting a white large vase, but we switched it up and decided that a black and white vase can be interchangeable so we came up with Svart, it handles like your typical white large vase but this isn’t your grandma’s vase, this is classic but industrial, this is a modern take on a timeless style, this is the future of floral. Imagine this tall beauty with your favourite branch or switch it up and put some bright tulips in there, whatever your fancy this is the vase that can handle it.

Svart projects an industrial look with warm stripes to give it a soft look from top to bottom. Not too hard and not too soft, just Svart.

Svart is 4.7" in diameter and 12" tall.

Flowers We Love in this Vase: Everything!

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