Product Information

The Retina are textured open mouth glass bud vases that are small vases for flowers and are perfect for using with a floral frog, a small bunch of fresh cut flowers, or a tea light. Retina small vases for flowers come in three soft colours and are the perfect compliment to that window sill that’s been sitting empty all these years. Of course they look great on a table or shelf too, on their own or in a group you really can’t go wrong with Retina.

Have an event coming up? Retina small vases for flowers look fantastic with a tealight, just enough light will get through to highlight the subtle blue, smoke and yellow colours that make up this line of small glass bud vases.

Line them up down a long table and intersperse flowers and tealights in all three colours or all the same colour for a dramatic effect your guests will go on about for days.

The Chive Small Frog or Medium Frogs fit inside perfectly.

Or, plant your 2" succulents in them, or plop an air plant inside!

Retina Cups are 3" in diameter and 3.5" tall.

Flowers We Love in this Vase: Hydrangea, Tulips, Lilies, Dubium, Freesia

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