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We had a lot of fun making the Nova line of glass floral vases. We took everything we learned from making our classic Ligne line and then pushed the boundaries as far as we could

It is such overkill how much work we put into making these small cluster-able containers. Modern vases are tricky to design. They have to look fantastic filled and also have to look great empty.

The Nova glass floral vases are great to use with trickier flowers that don’t work in most vessels. Or flowers that you have always wanted to use, but did not know where to put them. Gloriosa and Craspedia are our favourites. Google them if you like.

The other trick with modern vases is that they have to stand the test of time. We have run this vase for about four years and it is still one of our favourites. 

The Nova Pipe is 2” in diameter and 9” tall.

The Nova Parla is 5.5” in diameter and 5” tall.

The Nova Jar is 4” diameter.

Flowers We Love in the Vase: Anemone, Craspedia, Cyclamen, Gloriosa, Sweetpea, Phlox

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