Mofo Wind Tunnel



Product Information

Sometimes magic happens by accident. By a simple mis-transcribing of a measurement, the first sample of this glass terrarium came off the line at 11” instead of 11cm. We looked at our big new guy and we knew in an instant that Mofo Wind Tunnel had been born. With the open-ended sides large enough for even the clumsiest of hands, terrarium building has never been easier.

This large glass terrarium is perfect for planting up with plants for that terrarium look you are going for, or try it as a terrarium vase. Grab some of our Floral Frogs, pour some water into your Mofo Wind Tunnel, just enough to cover the Frogs, and impale your fresh cut flowers onto the Frogs. You will create a most unique centrepiece for your next dinner party. Line up 3 and you will have a too die for centrepiece. All of your guests will think you are a floral designer. You might have to quit your day job!

If you plan to try the terrarium-vase technique, go see our Frog Rectangle and Frog XL, they will work best here with the Mofo.

Mofo Wind Tunnel is 10.5” diameter.

Flowers and Plants We Love in this Terrarium: Agapanthus, Freesia, Peonies, Sweet Green Trick (Dianthus), Hens-and-Chicks, Echeveria, Burro’s Tail, Jade, Kalanchoe

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