Each case is 6 pcs per colour // Black / White - Order 12 pcs or more per colour, receive a price break to £2.80 each // Silver / Rose Gold - Order 12 pcs or more per colour, receive a price break to £3.45 each


Rose Gold

Product Information

Leaf is a contemporary vase that we think is pretty cool because of how many different way it can be used. The White ceramic vase is one of our favourite looks so we started there. Then we were playing with Rose Gold because we are obsessed with Rose Gold and White together. We wanted a to offer a contemporary vase line so we kept it simple didn't over think it, and stuck with Black and Silver (because we are also a little obsessed with the Silver/Gold combo which Grandma said never to do.)

We played with the texture to create a delicate look in the detailing. Unlike most of our ceramic vases, we went with a matte finish on the Black and White colours which lends to the natural theme of the design. 

The White ceramic vase in the Leaf line is stunning when paired with a leafy, bright green air plant. Or, use a Chive Small or Medium Floral Frog in the bottom to create Ikebana style arrangements. The open mouth shape lends to all sorts of flower arranging.

If all else fails and you've run out of live plants to put in it, use it as a tealight holder!

Leaf is 3.75" in diameter and 4" tall.

Flowers and Air Plants We Love in this Vase: Orinthogalum, Dubium, Hydrangea, Caput Medusae, Brachycaulous

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