Hudson 3 Pew



Product Information

The Hudson 3 Pew is another Chive staple, a simple flower vase that’s not even a little simple in effect. We all love orchids so we wanted glass floral vases that perfectly displays a single stem of orchids while still letting the flower be the focal point while the vase fades into the background.

No matter what you fill it with the floating effect of the Hudson 3 Pew will create a dramatic yet airy display for your favourite stem. This simple flower vase looks great on its own, but put a few of them together and you’ve got a major sensation. Run them across your windowsill and watch the light play with your flowers and stream through.

Glass floral vases can be washed out in certain settings, but the unique design that allows your stems to float as if held by magic will strike that oh-so-hard to get balance between the classic look of glass and the modern touch of a truly unique piece.

The Hudson 3 Pew is 16" long, 1" diameter 

Flowers Shown We Love in this Vase: Calla Lily, Tulips, Daffodils

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