Hudson 2 Wall Horn



Product Information

With usable living space decreasing on a daily basis in this modern world, we are always being asked by customers for cool glass wall vases for flowers.

It's a lot harder for us to make things from glass that do not have flat bottoms so the Hudson 2 Wall Horn is a special wall flower vase.

The Wall Horn has a flat back with a small, beveled-edge hole so that it mounts flush against the wall. All you need is a simple screw or a nail to hang it on. We make this wall flower vase from extruded tube glass so it is light and airy and does not need a stud or an anchor.

The curved shape of the Wall Horn makes it one of the more unique glass wall vases for flowers that we have ever made.

It is wonderful for long stemmed flowers like Gerbers. We also love to cut tulips short so that they head of the flower sits inside the vase and the glass acts as a showcase for the bud.

The Hudson 2 Wall Horn is 3” at its widest point and is 11.5” tall,

Flowers We Love in this Vase: Gerber Daisy, Parrot Tulips, Daffodils, Calla Lily, Nerine LIly, Dianthus


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