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Product Information

The Hudson 4 Hanging Terrarium is a glass ball terrarium that allows you to have a little garden hanging inside your home. This glass ball terrarium can be used for air plants for a clean fresh look. Or it can be planted up with soil and juicy succulents to create a tropical garden oasis.

With a 2.5 inch mouth opening, there is enough room for even the clumsiest hands to get in and plant succulents, add moss and rocks and soil and air plants and any other accoutrements you can find that will give your eco-system creation your personal touch. You can also use your glass ball terrarium for a floating tealight and in conjunction with our Ceramic Rings so you can have the option of sitting your globe on a table in addition to hanging it. Hang these from a hook using fishing line or jute twine.

The Hudson 4 Hanging Terrarium is large enough to hang solo in your home or you can get crazy and mix it up with a wall hanging flower vase like the Hudson 4 Large Wall Brick or the Hudson 2 Wall Cup. A wall hanging flower vase can be used for fresh cut flowers or you can fill them with air plants to match your arrangement in your glass ball terrarium. Your design options are limitless.

The Hudson 4 Hanging Terrarium is 6" in diameter.

Flowers and Plants We Love in this Planter: Harrisii, Cyanea, Caulescens, Hens-and-Chicks, Echeveria, Kalanchoa, Jade

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