Half Moon




Product Information

The Half Moon terrarium vase or planter takes a classic shape for succulent gardens but instead of being the traditional glass, we gave it a ceramic face-lift for a clean and sleek look. If you are looking for a modern white vase, or terrarium vase or planter, this is it! Fill with water and float a large flower bloom or plant it up with your favourite succulent or stay dirt free with a beautiful air plant. If you want a more tone on tone look, go with the green or teal. But, if it is that modern white vase look you crave, try this out.

Half Moon's are big enough to stand alone but always look great clustered in threes with a variety of colours or a variety of plants or flowers to create great texture variations.Try planting these up with your favourite succulents or take the easy route and nestle an air plant on top of a bit of preserved moss

Half Moon is 4" in diameter.

Plants and Flowers We Love in this Planter: Echeveria, Kolanchoa, Aeonium, Jade, Xerographica, Tectorum Fuzzy, Peony, Hydrangea, Dahlias

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