Bolsk - Wall



Product Information

The Bolsk Wall is a chic contemporary wall mounted glass planters that boast an open entry point for maximum plant breathability and easy maintenance. Let your favourite succulents or air plants chill in style with this wall mounted glass terrarium.

Made from thick, hand-blown glass, the quality of the glass is stellar and clean and allows for a cool, 360-degree view of your prized flourishes. When mounted it create the look of a vertical garden.


The Wall Bolsk is 4" long, 6.5" wide, 8" tall.

Plants that We Love in This Terrarium: Xerographica, Veluntina, Brachycaulos, Tectorum Fuzzy Large, Lithops, Gasteria, Crassula, Agave, Sedum, Lichen, Live Moss


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