Product Information

Atom is one of our more contemporary flower vases. A solid, heavy piece of hand blown glass, which we would challenge any mischievous pest of a pet to knock over when filled with water. I think we sold one of these once and received a complaint that it was scratched – not at all! There is an intricate pattern etched into the opaque surface and as far as white floral vases go, it’s stunning. Also, due to the opaque finish of the vase, you do not have to be quite so diligent in changing the water.

This piece is made by one of our favourite suppliers of contemporary flower vases, which also includes the Ligne, Big Parla, Elixer and Copper ranges. For white floral vases, it is by far the most superior of the Chive bunch and ideal for weddings, events or focal piece within the home.

The Atom Orb is 4.7" in diameter and 5.5" tall.

Flowers We Love in this Vase: Ranunculus, Allium, Dianthus, Ornithogalum, Parrot Tulips, Lilies, Delphinium, Bird Of Paradise

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