Coral Collection

Coral Collection

Ceramic Decorative Flowers


Meet Coral, our fabulous and unique ceramic flowers.

Recently featured in this years May issue of Vogue. These fun and colorful pieces have quickly become a Chive Favorite Must Have!

Until the Coral ceramic flowers came along, we had never designed anything that was meant to do nothing but look pretty.

There are endless possibilities with these ceramic flowers, corals and succulents. Mix them up with live plants or your use them for tabletop decorations, paperweights, or tuck them into a plant arrangement for extra color and texture. How about some wall art? Create a artistic focal floral wall full of intrigue and texture. They are the perfect Objet d’Art! And they are the plant/flower that never dies!

They look absolutely amazing in terrariums. Check out our Bolsk Table terrarium and picture it with a beautiful green layer of sheet moss and one or two juicy succulents with Coral Flower Green and a Coral Cactus Blue nestled among the plants. This will be the most unique terrarium you’ve ever seen. You might have that arrangement on your coffee table or simply get a beautiful tray to display them and then get some super glue and hang them on your wall for some instant wall art. People will ask who your interior designer is.

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