Product Information

These modern vases made from ceramic have a tree silhouette printed onto them and are glazed on the inside leaving the outside with an organic look and feel.

The Tree ceramic flower vase comes in two styles: Round Grey and Square Sage.

The Tree vase is one of our most beloved vases we have ever made. These modern vases have such a cool and wintery feel when you look at them, but pop a flower inside and they instantly warm up. We love the play of the cold colours against the warmth of the flower.

This ceramic flower vase will be available until the spring of 2017 at which time we will be re-tooling and changing it since we have been making it in its current incarnation for about a decade.

The Round Tree Vase is 2.5” in diameter and 9.25" tall.

The Square Tree Vase is 2.75 in diameter and 9.25” tall.

Flowers We Love in this Vase: Allium, Dianthus, Orinthogalum, Parrot Tulip, Spray Rose, Narcissus, Nerine Lily

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