Pallette - Packer's Choice



Product Information

So the Pallette was designed to be one our most simple and effective ranges - and has proved to be just that thanks to its super combo of shape and colour. Small flower vases really don't come more basic but equally brilliant! Yes, if you search for flower vase ceramic you might find something more interesting but it's not alone that they possess their ultimate powers of decor.

Pallette Cups and Eggs were purposed for clustering, each perfectly hugs and nestles into the other, whether you group three or five or seven or even infinity! Small flower vases like Pallette can look fantastic in the kitchen, in the living room or even add some extra fun to the bathroom. The wide assortment of colours lets everyone create an arrangement entirely unique to them and their own personal environments. Flower vase ceramic creativity has never been so achievable!

Pallette Eggs and Cups are 2" in diameter and 3.5" tall.

Flowers We Love in this Vase: Lilies of Valley, Pansies, Lilac, Dandelions

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