Fang Planter




Product Information

When considering modern plant pots, the Fang planter should be the go-to for 4 inch pots for plants. Its attractive geometric shape looks the business sitting on a shelf, bookcase or nestled within well, anything. Four eye-catching colours play well off of one another. Mix them up or line them up by colour to play on the geometric theme.

Fang has bite! In both shape and colour palette, these modern plant pots nibble away at the idea of what 4 inch pots for plants are supposed to look like. While it does not have a drainage hole, a shallow layer of gravel on the bottom will keep your succulents happy. Just be careful not to over-water – a teaspoon of water once your potting soil dries out is enough to keep your succulent going. 

For those who like cut flowers over potted plants, you can use Fang for your small bouquets also!

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Fang Planters are 3.5" in diameter, x 3.4" tall.

Plants We Love in this Pot: Echevaria, Jade, Crown of Thorns, Crassula

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