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The Londonette range is a personal favourite of ours. The colour palate of these versatile pieces is particularly attractive, making it one of the most popular of all of our glass floral vases. The three different colours blend well together as a collection, but also stand alone as three very individual tones. The striking green is classic 1950's peridot, perfect for highlighting the freshness in any flower. The modern blue vase, while being a strong teal colour, has a subtlety and coolness. Finally, the smoke is not too thick a grey, so maintains translucence, despite being a bold monochrome.

Our particular fondness of these products stems from their ability to not only look attractive holding a small bouquet, but to double as a candle holder, perfect for use later in the evening. Each vase can hold a tea-light, and due to the colour and finish on the glass itself, can be used to create an effective, but gentle light display.

Londonette is 3" in diameter.

Flowers We Love in This Vase: Limelight Hydrangea, Tulips, Camellia

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