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After designing a string of successful classic vases we started to wonder if we could make our vases modern again and still get you lot loving us as much! Small vases for flowers were still our main aim but we wanted to go classy cool without sacrificing any of our old principals. Now, Interstellar is Alex’s fave film of the last 5 years so we decided we should acknowledge his existence at last and make something worthy. Could we make vases modern & epic? You bet we could!

So, bring the cosmos out of the ether and into your house with the Nebula flower vase. Made by hand, each vase is thick glass and has its own unique pattern which makes it a fantastic and special gift item. It is perfect for small bunches of flowers, and looks incredible with a tealight. We especially love clustering them together on a table - in any season, at any time, these small vases for flowers really add a splash of  space-age sophistication to any moment.

Nebula is 3" in diameter and 3.5" tall.

Flowers We Love in this Vase: Dahlia, Anemone, Sweetpea, Ranunculus

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